In pictures … a severe shock to the Barcelona players after the historic loss of Bayern … and a deafening silence in the dressing room – Sports – Arab and International


Many Barcelona players appeared in a state of disappointment and deep sadness after the historic and humiliating eight loss at the hands of Bayern Munich in the Champions League yesterday in the quarter-finals, and in the match that was held at the Al-Nour Stadium in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The most popular photo of the team’s goalkeeper, German Ter Stegen, was standing at the door of the locker room, after the players reached it immediately after the loss.

Messi appeared in the picture in a state of severe shock, as described by the newspaper “Marca”, which said that silence was the master of the situation among everyone in Barcelona from the loss to the bus ride to their residence in Lisbon, in preparation for returning to Spain. Everyone was in a state of astonishment, not believing what happened, after they had suffered eight goals, and as “Marca” said, the team appeared as a dwarf in front of a German giant who did not have mercy on the Catalan and afflicted him with “disgrace”, as described by Barcelona midfielder Gerard Pique.

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