In numbers: Neymar’s salary is greater than that of the entire Atalanta team


Team meets French Paris Saint-Germain With its Italian counterpart, Atalanta, in a fiery battle at the Stade de Luz in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, within the framework of the quarter-finals of the Championship European Football League Season 2019-2020.

The knockout round system in the most expensive continental tournament is set to be different from what it was in previous years, with matches being played on neutral stadiums rather than on the home and away system.

The match will be between two completely different parties on the financial level, and the evidence for that is salary Brazilian star Neymar The Paris Saint-Germain player, who is the biggest salary of all the players in the Atalanta team.

The Brazilian wage is estimated at 36 million euros a year, and this does not include bonuses and variables.

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On the other hand, the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” reported that the highest salaries in the Italian team Atalanta are obtained by captain Alejandro Dario Gomez, Dovan Zapata and Luis Muriel, who earn 1.2 million euros per season, and with bonuses amounting to 1.8 million euros. .The total salaries of the Italian team Atalanta are between 33 and 36 million euros a year, which is equivalent to the wage of one Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain.

As for the total salaries of the French offensive line, in which the trio Mbabe, Neymar and Icardi are present, they get approximately 55 million euros annually, and on the other hand the total salaries of the Italian strikers are estimated at about 5 million euros annually.

But despite the French giant’s big spending, Paris Saint-Germain never went further than the quarter-finals under their Qatari management, but this year they will see their best chance ever against Atalanta, who are enjoying their first season in the Champions League.


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