If you suffer from topical vertigo … you should take this vitamin


The medical journal Neurology published a news story that a group of South Korean scientists found a way to get rid of benign paroxysmal local vertigo, after they analyzed data on the condition of 957 patients with dizziness and undergoing physical therapy.

The volunteers were divided into two groups, the first was given vitamin D and calcium twice a day while the second was given a placebo. It was found that in patients in the first group the incidence of dizziness decreased by 24%.

According to scientists, this is a very good result as it was previously possible to affect benign paroxysmal local vertigo only through regular hospital procedures.

“Our study shows that calcium and vitamin D supplementation is an inexpensive treatment with minimal potential for side effects,” said one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Kim Ji-soo.

It should be noted that benign paroxysmal vertigo is a frequent dizziness that occurs when the head position changes, and it is the most common disease of the vestibular apparatus and more women than men do.


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