I am sad, but I am not disappointed


The Syrian artist, Ayman Zidan, has broken his silence about what some have been promoting over the past period regarding his entry into a state of frustration after his disappearance from the art scene for six years

The Syrian artist came out Ayman Zidan, On his silence about what some are promoting during the last period regarding his entry into a state of depression after his disappearance from the art scene for the past six years, citing that he did not present any television work during this period.

Ayman Zidan said in a post on his “Facebook” account that he is living a period in which he may be sad, but not disappointed, pointing out that despite his absence from the TV drama, he has achieved many other achievements.

Ayman Zidan expressed his surprise that some people linked this appearance to be on television, noting that he participated in cinematic and fictional projects and directed several plays during that period of absence.

Ayman Zaidan’s post reads, “(I may be sad, but I am not disappointed). Many lovers and friends ask me the same question… Why are you absent? .. Where are you .. and what is the secret of this absence ..? Why are you frustrated and withdrawn? ”

(I may be sad, but I’m not depressed)
… Many lovers and friends ask me the same question … Why are you absent? ..where are you …..

Posted by Ayman Zedan on Friday, August 21, 2020

He continued, “In a moment this question confused me and I began to search for the answer .. I simply discovered that during the six years of absence from television, I starred in four fictional films … (The Father, Darb Al-Sama, War Travelers, Youssef’s Journey).

He added, “I directed two fictional films (Amina, Dark Clouds) and a medium-length fictional film (The Mountains of the Sun), and I wrote two short story groups (Ajaaa, Details).”

He showed, “I put out four plays (The Chalk Circle, Kidnapping, Fabrica, Three Stories)” to the stage. Does all this make sense and they ask you about absence ..? Or they read what I write as frustrated. ”

Ayman Zidan concluded by saying: “What makes me angry that the attendance and achievement are related to TV drama only …? It is a feature of the painful phase. ”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Ayman Zaidan, has caused controversy over the past period with posts on his Facebook account that some have classified as living in a state of frustration in light of his absence from the Syrian TV drama for several years.

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