Huawei announces the start of publishing its new gaming center on mobile devices


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Huawei today announced the launch of its official platform for mobile gaming services and distribution, the HUAWEI GameCenter in 33 countries and regions in the world. This gaming center is a platform to bring together mobile gaming communities with premium quality content and rewards, including gaming communities in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, that will be able to enjoy a richer gaming experience by downloading and using Huawei Game Center by AppGallery.A new world of gaming specially designed to try next level games

Huawei’s Game Center creates a one-stop service platform and a unique user experience, providing players with a richer experience through two primary services: content service and user well-being. And from the gaming center, users can access pre-order games, new games and popular games. Users can also take advantage of exclusive online game packages and offers when playing games, through which users can develop their profile, get more discounts and enjoy incredible benefits. The most important advantages include:

Be among the first to know about new game releases and a new gaming experience
The gaming center is the global launch platform for premium games, which are exclusive to the Huawei platform. These include Starship Legion-AMG, BORN AS EPIC, Farm Legend, Survival Road, Ellr Land and more.
Users can also find other new games like Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos, Goddess MUA and more. Never miss an opportunity to try world-famous games
Popular games that consumers can enjoy on the game center include: Idle Heroes, The Origin of Chaos, Brain Out, AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, Lords Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legends – Epic Car Action Racing Racing Game and Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac, Perfect world and more. Enjoy exclusive gifts and offers, only at the Arcade
Users find many exclusive luxury packages for Huawei Game Center. For example, when playing Last Day Rules: Survival and Starship Legion-AMG, users can get exclusive package benefits like gold coins and time-limited props, and get more enjoyable playing time. In addition, there are surprising benefits that users can discover while exploring this new game center. With the game center, developers can attract and keep players globally while achieving business success.

For developers building their games in partnership with Huawei, the Arcade launch provides an opportunity to reach a broad consumer audience of 700 million of its Huawei users globally. The 1.6 million developers who participate in the Huawei Mobile Services system are already creating new and unique experiences that include the capabilities of Huawei chip – the capabilities of the cloud on the device. These developers also unlock the ability to reach more loyal fans through the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem that provides the potential of all scenarios, global distribution channels and full operational management of support. Currently, Huawei’s Game Center has partnerships with the world’s best gaming companies, such as Lilith Games, IGG Games, Gameloft, Forshow, etc.

For developers in the gaming sector, gaming center entry now provides more benefits including:

Free professional evaluation services for developers to get local feedback on games from overseas. This is to help developers adapt their applications so that game services are more relevant and exciting to players across different markets. For developers who need to integrate their games with Huawei Mobile Services Core, Huawei will provide technical support to facilitate integration with Huawei Mobile Services Corp as efficiently as needed. Access to the “Bright Star” program, Which provides a billion dollar incentive fund and provides a variety of services. This includes the full application development life cycle, funds for development innovation, user growth, marketing and other aspects of developers. Developers have a favorable share of revenue when developing with Huawei. In addition, we provide developers with advertising and promotional space within the game center to reach more consumers. In version upgrades In the future, the Arcade will feature a social community within the app. This way, players will be able to use the platform as a way to socialize, make friends and build communities of fans with similar interests.


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