How much people in the world spent on mobile applications during 2020? .. The number will shock you


In the face of antitrust allegations and the anger of some application developers, Apple decided to continue the attack again last week, and for the second time several months ago, the company requested a “independent” study of the analysis groups, in an attempt to form public opinion about its app store practices.

In June, just in time for the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, QAApple has been promoting the results of a study to measure the economic impact of the App Store system, Which found that the App Store supported $ 519 billion in bills and sales last year, in which Apple saw only a small percentage.

Last week, another study from the analysis group compared Apple’s widely criticized commission practices with competition practices, and concluded that “the Apple App Store commission rate is similar in size to that of other app stores and digital content markets.”

Apple charges a 30 percent commission on app sales and in-app purchases for digital content and subscriptions made via iOS apps (the latter drops to 15 percent after the first year), which attracted the attention of competition watchdogs, especially in cases where Apple competes with app makers Third party (such as Apple Music vs. Spotify).

The following diagram helps to clarify the company’s determination to maintain the status quo, according to SensorTower, an app spend that exceeded $ 50 billion in consumer spending in the first half of 2020, with two-thirds of that total spent on the App Store.

Assuming that most of this total is eligible for Apple’s commission, this amounts to nearly $ 10 billion in revenue in the first six months of 2020 alone, which even for Apple does not make a slight change.

Total app spend:

2019: $ 40.6 billion

Android: $ 14.3 billion

iOS: about $ 26.3 billion.

2020: $ 50.1 billion

Android: 17.3 billion dollars.

iOS: about $ 32.8 billion.


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