How did Saudi Arabia comment on the ruling of the International Court?


The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today, Tuesday, that the Kingdom “followed up on what was issued by the International Tribunal for Lebanon, which pronounced its judgment in the case of the assassination of the former Prime Minister of the Lebanese Republic, Rafik Hariri, which included the indictment of a Hezbollah-affiliated member who committed this heinous crime, and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers the ruling. The judiciary is an emergence of the truth and the beginning of achieving justice by pursuing, arresting and punishing those involved.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the ministry said: “The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by calling for justice and punishing Hezbollah and its terrorist elements, stresses the need to protect Lebanon, the region and the world from the terrorist practices of this party, which is considered an instrument of the Iranian regime and has proven its involvement in subversive and terrorist acts. In many countries, the assassination of Rafik Hariri was one of the most influential on the security and stability of Lebanon. ”

She added, “The Kingdom aspires for Lebanon to prevail in security and peace by ending the possession and use of weapons outside the framework of the state and strengthening the Lebanese state for the benefit of all Lebanese without exception. The brotherly Lebanese people deserve stability in their homeland, growth in their economy and security that dispels terrorism.”

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