Honestly, Al Nujoom Website – Exclusive – Mohamed Nour presents the clip “Jani in My Playground”, Energy, Joy and Love, the third of them.


“Lifestyle Studios” launched the clip of the song of the Egyptian star Mohamed Nour “Jani In My Playground”, on its official YouTube channel.

The song is Egyptian.Jani in my court .. Beautiful and the Prophet/His eyes exposed him … and see why is left / moon what the sky .. stereoscopic painting / headache from the sesame“It is written and composed by Aziz Al Shafei, distributed by Islam Sasso, as for Mix and Master Yasser Anwar.

As for the clip, it was signed by the distinguished director Batoul Arafa, as this collaboration with Mohamed Nour is her third with “Lifestyle Studios” after Carole Samaha (A Good Journey) and Muhammad Sorour (Leave her on God).

Director Batoul Arafa translated the rhythmic and summer song into a dancer painting whose protagonists are a group of girls and young men full of energy. The clip included dancing clips, in addition to a romantic story that sparked in the playground between artist Mohamed Nour and one of the girls.

For his part, the owner of Lifestyle Studios, Fahad Al-Zahid, in contact with “frankly” expressed his great satisfaction about the clip because the song is summer simulating young people and the idea of ​​the video clip is beautiful and unique, especially since it is the first time we see a photographic work of a soccer team composed of girls playing Against a youth team, the girls’ team won 3-0. He added that the title of the song played an important role in the idea of ​​the clip to be sporty, specifically choosing the soccer game because it is the game that everyone around the world loves.

It was remarkable that the song’s promo was very popular, after the small excerpt garnered thousands of posts within a very few hours.

About the clip, the company’s official Twitter page said, “A work worth watching, singer Mohamed Nour, in the video clip“ Jani In My Stadium ”, a wonderful teaser story directed by Batoul Arafa and produced by Lifestyle Studios.


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