Hind Abdel Halim celebrates her wedding … Dora attracts attention



Al Ain News Safwat Desouky
Egyptian actress Hind Abdel Halim celebrated her wedding in the presence of a limited number of artists, most notably the Tunisian star Dora, who drew attention with a charming look during which she wore a sky dress and appeared with loose hair, and the artist Omar El-Shenawy and his wife also participated in the ceremony.

Hind Abdel Halim announced her engagement last March, and she confirmed at the time that she wanted her friends to share her happiness, but because of the Corona pandemic, she preferred that the ceremony be limited to family and relatives, and she wrote through her account on Instagram: “Our souls were our companions and our relatives with us, but we were satisfied. With our family at home, and we postponed any celebration, out of concern for the safety of all. ”

It is noteworthy that the last appearance of the artist Hind Abdel Halim on the television screen was through the series “Tales of Banat 4” and participated in the tournament by Asma Jalal, Mirna Nour al-Din, Hajer Ahmed, Hazem Ihab, Khaled Mansour and Tamer Hashem, and she was nominated to participate in the fifth part of the same work.

A large number of the stars of the artistic community were keen to congratulate Hind Abdel Halim on the occasion of the wedding, such as the artist Iman Al-Assi, who wrote on her Twitter account: “Congratulations, my love.”

Hanadi Muhanna was keen to congratulate her and said to her: “Congratulations, O Hindu, God bless you well.” As for the actor Omar El-Shenawy, he published a picture of his gathering with the newlyweds through his account on Instagram, and attached it to a comment: “Congratulations to my brother and sister. You have met some of you, but you still want Sogninen lamps. ”


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