Hedy Karam lives sadness and bids farewell to part of her memories – in the picture


The Egyptian actress crossedHeidi KaramAbout her great sadness at the death of her dog, when she posted a picture of her accompanied by her on her own page, and commented, saying: “Today I have invited a large part of my memories with you and I bid you farewell..My life with me is 13 years from the time you were 4 months old until the last day of your life … when You entered our lives, my little family, consisting of my son and I, was going through very difficult circumstances .. And from the day I came, I brought with you the energy of love and tenderness that you could experience. “
She added: “You were always a source of joy and comfort .. Your blind obedience in everything and your unconditional love was dazzling and dazzling all who knew you .. He isolated us and changed us many homes and you were the first one to adapt without any effort and effort on our part because of what you are tired of .. When you saw me upset, it was your eye. You utter and your looks flatter me … the tenderest and kindest creature I have known … I loved you with all my heart and learned from you the meaning of kindness, tender and tenderness … You will save me, oh, Laila, my dog, my daughter and my friend.


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