“Health”: 1,372 new cases of “Corona” in the Kingdom – Saudi Arabia News


Today (Monday) the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 1,372 new cases of the emerging corona virus that causes “Covid 19”, while 1,432 additional recoveries were recorded, and 28 new deaths.According to today’s “Health” statistics, the total number of cases has reached cumulatively since the first case in the kingdom appeared 299,914 cases, of which 28,089 active cases are still receiving the necessary health care, of which 1758 are critical cases, while the total number of recoveries has reached 268,385 cases, while the outcome has increased. Deaths to 3,436 deaths.

To know the details of the total distribution of infection and recovery cases in cities and governorates, you can visit the website designated by the Ministry of Health to view the latest developments in the virus in the Kingdom, and daily statistics via the link https://covid19.moh.gov.sa.


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