Hamilton’s heart almost stopped before the end of the British race


Mercedes team driver Lewis Hamilton described his feeling on the final lap of the British Grand Prix, the fourth round of the F1 World Championships 2020 season, as his heart almost stopped after being punctured in a tire.

As Hamilton assumed absolute control in the Silverstone circuit, as he moved from first place and retained his lead in the race. But he made maintenance halted relatively early, with the safety car entering the circuit on lap 13.

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Although Hamilton continued to race in the lead, he was punctured in his left front tire on the last lap of the race, after two laps of teammate Valtieri Potas facing the same problem and to perform a maintenance pause and fall back in order.

However, Hamilton was unable to head to the maintenance area, since he was on the last lap, had to cling and drive his car to the finish line and win the race by 5 seconds in front of the Red Bull Max Verstappen driver.

As Hamilton said, “Before that last lap of the race, all was going well without facing any problems. The tires were great. I was noticing that Potash puts a lot of pressure on his tires, but for me I was trying to preserve the tires. ”

وأكمل: “When I learned that he was facing the problem, I thought things were going well for me. The car was turning well and without problems. I thought I was doing well. But then, at the straight line, the pressure of the entire tire simply went, I noticed its shape changing. ”

وأضاف: “My heart almost stopped at that moment, as I did not know what would happen when I press the brakes, and I could see the tire separating from the wheel. ”

He continued: “I did not go through such an experience on the last lap of the race, and my heart certainly had to stop because things were going well and what happened was very surprising.”


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