Hamilton survives a hole near the end and wins the British Formula 1 race


Briton Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning the British Grand Prix at the F1 world championships at the Silverstone circuit on Sunday. A picture of Reuters from a representative of news agencies.

SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) – Lewis Hamilton scored his seventh world record Grand Prix victory in his country at the F1 world championships despite his team Mercedes suffering a hole in the tire on the last lap on Sunday.

Thanks to an exciting end to the race he dominated after taking off the lead, the British driver boosted his lead to the world championship by 30 points.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen finished second, and could have won the race if he did not stop to change the tire, trying to get an extra point for the fastest lap, while Ferrari driver Charles Locklear came third.

Valtteri Potas, a Mercedes fellow in Mercedes and his closest rival in the drivers’ world championship, failed to get any points after he had a hole in the tire near the end and finished 11th.

Osama Khairy prepared for the Arab publication


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