Hamilton escapes his tire bursting on his last lap to win his seventh victory in Silverstone


In 2017, Hamilton shared with Alan Proust the list of the most successful drivers in the history of the Great Britain Prize with five wins, before climbing to the forefront last year with his sixth victory on the circuit. It seems that the British want to move further in the lead and increase the difficulty for future drivers by scoring today for their seventh victory.

Within these victories, six of them were on Mercedes cars (2014-2017 and 2019).

Hamilton was able to comfortably lead the race against teammate Valtteri Potas, to achieve his third consecutive win out of four rounds in the 2020 season. It was also the 87th in his professional career.

However, the last laps of the race witnessed the explosion of the left front tire of a number of drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, who managed to overcome this problem by driving very slowly in the last lap. But the biggest loser was teammate Valtieri Potas, whose tire exploded 3 laps to lose his second position and finish his race in 11th place.

And Carlos Sainz, who was in fifth place, fell to 13 ahead of two turns from the end because of the same problem.

This win allowed Hamilton to move further away at the top of the drivers’ ranking, as it seemed that the British were on the way to the record-breaking number of championships recorded by German legend Michael Schumacher (7 championships).

Second place went to Red Bull Max Verstappen, the driver who ran a single race without competition from anyone, but his hopes revived in the last turn after the competitors’ tires exploded.

Charles Locklear finished third in front of Daniel Ricardo and Lando Norris.

Esteban O’Conn snatched extra points for Renault by finishing sixth, ahead of Pierre Gasley and Alexandre Albon.

Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel finished the top ten.

The course of the race

Nico Halkenberg’s dream of participating in his first race in the 2020 season evaporated before the race started due to a problem in the Mercedes power unit on his Racing Point, which was discovered before the start. Despite the team’s attempt to fix the problem, the time did not help him, as the German failed to participate in the fourth round of the championship.

Meanwhile, Hamilton managed to maintain his position from the attacks of his teammate Potas, while Kevin Magnussen withdrew at the end of the first lap after colliding with Red Bull driver Alexander Albon. The latter received a 5-second penalty for causing the accident.

As a result of this accident, the safety car entered before the race resumed for a few laps before it re-entered at the end of lap 13, after the major accident of the Alpha Tauri driver Daniel Kfiat at the “Magts” bend. “I’m sorry,” said Kefiat.

With the safety car entering for the second time, most of the drivers entered their tires, with the exception of Roman Grosjean, who found himself in fifth place before retreating to the seventh after overcoming McLaren’s two-way.

After completing 30 of the 52 lap rounds that made up the race, Hamilton was in the lead 1.6 seconds behind Botas, as the difference between the two was very small compared to previous rounds. And Verschten was only relatively able to match Mercedes’ performance in some stages of the race, although the difference between him and Hamilton was about 10 seconds during lap 31.

While everything seemed to be on the way to a normal conclusion to the prize, the explosion of the left front tire on the Hamilton, Potash and Sains cars sparked new excitement in the race. While Hamilton was able to get his car to the finish line and win, Potas and Sines lost their leading position and retreated without achieving any points.

The result of the race


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