Haifa Wehbe launches a fundraising campaign for the reconstruction of Beirut – video


She launched the Lebanese artistهيفا وهبيThrough its official pages on social media, a campaign of donations for the reconstruction of Beirut, after the catastrophic explosion that killed hundreds of Lebanese and injured thousands and a large number of missing people, and damaged hundreds of buildings and shops, especially in the areas surrounding the Beirut port where the explosion occurred.
Haifa shared a video clip in his background that cleansed pictures of ruined places from the neighborhoods of the Lebanese capital, and in its seal appeared the Lebanese flag and attached it to a comment that said: “Beirut needs you, please donate to rebuild my beloved city through the Beirut Explosion page. Your donations will be accepted up to a million dollars. The page link is present.” In “Al-Astouri” and Beirut Donation “Highlight”.
An indication that Haifa expressed her deep sadness when the Lebanese were traumatized by the explosion, and that her house was completely damaged, and her housekeeper miraculously escaped after being injured. Haifa sent a message by singing “Drunk the streets” to the ladyTurquoiseAn expression of the pain she feels and her love for Beirut.


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