“Hafhh Abid Al-Fameh” … a fiery message from Mai Helmy after the news of his divorce


08:28 PM

Thursday 13 August 2020

Cairo – Masrawy:

In angry words, broadcaster Mai Helmy refused to interfere in her life, and attacked in a lengthy video broadcast by “Live” via the “short stories” feature on the “Instagram” website, whom she described as intruders, and those who sent her messages about the reported news of her separation from artist Mohamed Rashad, Although there is no previous knowledge between her and them.

In the following lines, we publish the most prominent of what Mai said:

– “I mean, and after that, you are different from a word, and then with all the disgust that is in the world. One gets married, gets divorced, you are your money. You include more of yourselves in my life than I mean.”

– “All of Egypt followed those of my life that I saw in my life by writing comments, and asking with all intrusiveness, and you have money for every rumor and every word Nila is written by saying the same words and supplying, and whoever increased and covered they say the origin of her is to donate her dress of joy and post it for a week, so that the memories disappear, you are your money.” .

– “You are your solution. My life does not want you and this is the right decision. Because of this intrusion and the glory of His Majesty, every screen shot will take it and any lack of literature you write will take it, there is a need called cases of defamation of a public figure.”

– “And the one who says her origin is not original and is not at his side and is afraid of her home, and we explained forty thousand times, and I do not have to explain it again, I don’t have to say something I don’t want to say, this time I don’t have a mood. About me, any need, you are interested, know our life better than us.

– “And the comments, every little bit, disgusted us. Please ask why I am doing this video so that you are interested, know all the details more than me personally. I tell you, increase the number of followers and likes.”

– “The people who followed me who knew them, I thank you that you don’t ask about something, but the people who work as lawyers and I’m not authentic. I hope Talaat will be given to him if I am not authentic. I have judged that and repeated the words like the herd.

– “I would like to say it to those who want to cover my eyes and my head. I am talking about those who write and beseudo, slaves of fame. It is natural that I ask the lack of literature that you write based on what you want to ride a trend on any need.”

– “I will not talk about the issue, something I do not have, I don’t have a right to speak about it, and my decision was correct. I am hiding my life, and Rashad’s decision is correct, and I am free. I will not say. By God, I will not comfort you by saying to the rational people who follow me. Thank you, you entered the touch.”

– “You know that you will hold on to the words that are on your mood and let the rest. You do not rejoice except in misfortunes, you do not want anything but news of scandals, you will take the words that you want, and you will not find someone who raises them at home and you meet them psychologically and write that I look at his side in his financial crisis, by talking about what O soul of the heart, this is a guide to the house you are going from, if your father and mother know if I can make a defamation case for you, it will not be your mobile phone at all.

Commenting on the same thing, I wrote a letter via “short stories”, in which it said, “Oh, this time I took a screen shot in order to expose their owners, claiming idealism and honor, the companions of how and why, and you are six authentic and not imitated. From you, you want to prepare, slaves like to ride the trend, and you are the last of you. Refer again to you, to her, to her, to her, to her, and to take your touch, and to come back and say all of you are just watching.

The past hours witnessed the spread of news of the separation of the artist Mohamed Rashad, from his wife, the broadcaster Mai Helmy, while his manager confirmed in a previous statement to Masrawy the news of their divorce, without going into any details.


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