Hadhramout sky on a date with a rare astronomical event – Al Amana Net


The astronomer, Eng. Abdulrahman Hamid, said that the sky of Hadramout is on a date with the peak of the Perseid meteor shower on Tuesday evening.

Abdul-Rahman explained that the earth will enter today, until tomorrow evening, the peak of Perseid meteor shower, which will decorate the sky at night.

Stressing that meteors can be seen clearly in cities and villages with low electric lighting and waking up from clouds where the sky is of high clarity.

Abdul-Rahman added: You can enjoy watching them as their continuous fall times diverge in the hour, and some fall in groups and sometimes individually.

He explained that the cause of these meteors is the remnants of the comet Swift Tell, discovered in 1862 AD
And it has no risks as it burns quickly in friction with the layers of the atmosphere.


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