Gulf weather: thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia, hot in Bahrain and cloudy in the Emirates


The Gulf countries region witnesses a state of variation in the state of the weather and presents the “seventh day”, a report on the weather conditions in the Gulf countries today, where weather experts expect thunderstorms from medium to heavy rain accompanied by active winds on the areas of (Najran, Jizan, Asir, Al-Baha , Mecca ).


The General Authority of Meteorology and Environment in its report on the weather forecast for this day expected thunderstorms from medium to heavy rain accompanied by active winds on the regions of (Najran, Jizan, Asir, Al Baha, Makkah Al Mukarramah), while surface winds are active in the areas of (Hail, Qassim, Riyadh , Eastern, Al-Jouf, Northern Borders, Al-Madinah.

The report indicated that the movement of surface winds on the Red Sea, southwest to northwest, at a speed of 16 -42 km an hour, and the height of the wave from one to two meters, and the state of the sea, medium-wave to wavy, while the movement of surface winds on the Persian Gulf, north to northwest, at a speed of 14 -38 km an hour, the wave height from half a meter to one and a half meters, and the sea condition is medium waves

the two seas

The meteorology department of the Ministry of Communications and Communications said that the weather in Bahrain today, Wednesday, will be by the will of God hot, with dust rising in some areas and turning into a good night..

Northwest winds are from 17 to 17 knots, and their speeds reach from 18 to 23 knots. Sometimes, they fall from 17 to 12 knots at night..

The Meteorological Department has warned of strong winds and called for caution, the maximum temperature is 46 and the minimum is 32 degrees..

The waves rise from 1 to 3 feet near the coasts and from 3 to 6 feet in the open sea, sunrise at 05:05 am, and sunset at 6:21 pm.


The National Meteorological Center expected that the weather tomorrow to be partially cloudy at times, and some clouds appear east in the afternoon, and wet at night and Thursday morning on some coastal and interior areas with the opportunity to form fog or light fog, and winds are light to moderate speed, sometimes active, causing dust during the day.

The center said in its daily bulletin that the winds will be southwest to northwesterly 18-28, up to 38 km x sometimes and the wave in the Arabian Gulf will be light to medium and the first tide will occur at 15:27 and the second tide at 02:10 and the first islands at 08:00 : 42 and the second islands at 19:55 .. In the Sea of ​​Oman the wave is light to medium and the first tide occurs at 11:21 and the second at 22:45 and the first islands at 17:26 and the second at 05:12.

The following is a statement of the expected maximum and minimum temperatures and humidity tomorrow: the city, the maximum temperature, the minimum temperature, the maximum humidity, the minimum humidity, Abu Dhabi 41 31 85 30 Dubai 39 31 90 25 Sharjah 40 30 90 25 Ajman 39 31 85 30 Umm Al Quwain 38 31 80 30 Ras Al Khaimah 39 30 85 25 Fujairah 38 32 60 25 Al Ain 45 31 80 20 Liwa 45 29 60 15 Ruwais 43 28 70 15 Goods 46 31 65 20 Delma 41 32 80 30 Tunb Al-Kubra 38 32 85 35 Tunb Al-Sughra 38 32 85 35 Abu Musa 38 32 85 35


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