Great Britain Prize: Hamilton’s seventh win … with three frames


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Silverstone (UK) (AFP)

British champion world champion Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton boosted his record in victories at the Silverstone circuit, with a seventh Sunday victory in the British Grand Prix at the Formula One World Championship, where he crossed the finish line with three intact tires and a fourth pierced.

The British dominated the fourth stage of the world championship, from starting from the first place until the last 52 lap, when it had a hole in the left front frame, and had to continue driving, to maintain its progress against the Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen II, and Ferrari Charles Locklear (Monaco) the third.

After a monotonous race to compete for the top positions, the last laps witnessed sudden changes, especially at the level of the second place, which was occupied by the vast majority of the race, Finn Valtery Botas, a Hamilton, Mercedes fellow.

But the latter suffered a hole in the same frame two laps before the end, and he was forced to enter the team fold to replace his tires, and he finished the race in eleventh place.

And Verchtaben was almost the biggest beneficiary of the damage to the Mercedes tire, as he was able to catch Hamilton, but he lost this possibility due to his team entering the penultimate lap to replace his tires, after Botas exit from the competition and the Dutch driver secured solutions second.

Hamilton traversed the finish line just 5,856 seconds from Vershtappen, knowing that he had a comfortable lead before that.

The Briton, who is searching for his seventh title in the world record-breaking tournament held by German Michael Schumacher, continued to impose his dominance and the dominance of his team on the 2020 championship, which was delayed until early July, instead of March, due to the consequences of the emerging Corona virus.

Today, Hamilton won his third, fourth and fourth wins for Mercedes after Petas was crowned in the opening Grand Prix of Hungary for the season. The British strengthened its lead in the overall standings with 88 points, 30 points behind Potas II, and 36 points over Vershten.

The fifth stage of the championship will be held on the same circuit next Sunday, and always behind closed doors against the fans according to the preventive measures adopted in light of the “Covid-19” outbreak.

Sergio Perez (Racing Point) was absent from the race today, after this week he became the first driver in the first category to catch the new Corona virus.

His German substitute Niko Holkenberg was also unable to race, as his car had mechanical problems that prevented him from being on the starting line.


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