Government: Oil prices and some derivatives have risen globally


Amman- Tomorrow- The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that oil prices and some oil derivatives increased globally during the second week of August compared to their average prices for the first week of the month.

In the weekly newsletter for Brent crude oil and its derivatives according to the reference market, the ministry explained, gasoline octane 90 recorded a price of $ 398.7 per ton, compared to $ 381.3, a rise of 4.6%, while the price of gasoline octane 95 rose from $ 395.3 per ton to $ 412.3, an increase of 4.3%. . As for the price of diesel, it decreased from $ 365.1 per ton to $ 364.7, by 0.1%. The price of kerosene also decreased from $ 344.2 per ton to $ 342.8 per ton, at a rate of 0.4%. As for the price of fuel oil, it rose in the second week of the month to $ 257.2 per ton, compared to the price recorded in the first week of 251.8, with an increase of 2.2%.

On the other hand, the price of liquefied petroleum gas for the month of August remained at $ 350 per ton compared to its price recorded last July, which amounted to $ 345.

The price of Brent crude has stabilized around its price in the first week, as it recorded in the second week of the month a price of $ 44.8 per barrel, compared to its price in the first week, which reached $ 44.70.


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