Google releases a new version that turns Gmail into an integrated work platform


Google has launched a new version of Gmail that transforms it from just an email to a platform for an integrated workspace for video communication, chatting and file sharing.

The report of the “Technology Times” website stated that the method of work that will be followed by the American search giant through the new modifications, will convert “Gmail” into 4 separate components, namely, “Gmail” for e-mail, “ROMs” to support users with video calls, and “chat” for chatting. , And “dead” for video conferencing purposes.

The report stated that the four new tabs constitute a new design for the user interface directly through the “Gmail”, where users receive all e-mails, direct messages, group chats, group chat rooms and video conferences from “Google”, and “Google is dead.”

The comprehensive reform comes after Google announced last month that it would convert Gmail and the corporate version of G Suite into a global center for multiple production platforms, in light of a new reality imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic on millions who have worked for long periods of time from home.

The report pointed out that the last two features appear to be directed mainly at Google’s competitors such as the “Zoom Video Conference”, “Team Chat” and “Microsoft Teams”, in light of a severe competitive situation to share the customer cake.

As for the new features, it is expected that the Mail tab will allow “G-Sot” users to access all their inboxes, while the Chat tab will provide a one-click interface to send messages to individuals within the same network, in addition to creating group conversations within small groups within the company. .

On the other hand, the new transformation features rooms that bring together all the company’s subgroups in one place, and offer an archived and active chat that makes it easy for users to start any group chat as they see fit.


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