Google officially unveils its new Pixel 4a phone


Google revealed its new phone Pixel 4a, And promised to release a copy 5G Later this year, the phone’s release date has been postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic, and will not be released Pixel 4a On sale until October, although customers can pre-order from September.

According to the website of the British newspaper “The Independent”, when put up for sale, it will be priced Pixel 4a It is around 349 pounds, which is much cheaper than Pixel 4 The main and a little less expensive than other competitors like iPhone SE

Google said that a phone 5G The next may be subject to delays, but more details will be revealed later this year, and the latest version of the device may also be seen. Pixel Classy – which usually comes out in October – are also late.

It did not reveal any details of phones 5G, Or by phone Pixel 5 Next, but she suggested that she would look to integrate additional features from the faster internet connection it provides, rather than just allowing connections to 5G networks

Google said that the phone version 5G It will cost $ 499, and both phones will use increased speed “to make streamed videos, download content, and play games on Stadia Or other platforms faster and smoother than ever“.

And no phone comes Pixel 4a A number of specifications available on the phone Pixel 4 The most expensive, the body is made of polycarbonate, which means that the phone can not include wireless charging, and also includes a fingerprint sensor instead of facial recognition.

But it retains a number of features from the old phone, including the same camera lens technology, with the addition of new features such as increased storage, and it also comes with a new design, with the front camera placed in a perforated opening at the top of the screen, instead of the “front” that It has become one of the modern phone combinations.

It is worth noting that Google released the first pixel phones in 2016, when it took more control over phones Android Its own, and changed the name from NexusAnd revealed its first releases last year, with the launch Pixel 3a.


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