Google is close to launching a new Android TV product


Two new devices appeared a company Google is in the FCC files, and as the reports note, they appear to be related to the new Android TV product that has been said to have been in development for a while.

And if that is true, the new filings indicate that Google is finally preparing to release the product soon.

Before a device with wireless capabilities can be sold in the United States, it must be specifically approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Reports released in June said: Google is developing a product with the codename (Sabrina) to be a successor to the Chromecast Ultra.

Sabrina uses an Android TV platform and a traditional remote user interface, unlike Chromecast devices that are controlled by a smartphone.

Nobody notes Files The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) refers to an Interactive Media Streaming Device with Wireless Network and Bluetooth (GZRNL).

While indicating File The other is to a Bluetooth enabled wireless device, and the two files are expected to be related to the (Sabrina) device and the remote control (G9N9N).

And if you didn’t buy a TV with built-in software, there aren’t many options for (Android TV) devices at this time.

There is a high-end (Nvidia Shield) kit, which starts at $ 149.99, or $ 59.99 for the Xiaomi Mi Box S, which Google promoted two years ago.

Xiaomi has also released a device (Mi TV Stick) At $ 40 in India and Europe, which is currently the only way to get (Android TV) like this.

Google may change the way we use the Chromecast device, as the search giant is now focusing on pushing Android TV, a version of the Android operating system designed for digital media players, to more living rooms.

This comes after its attempt to provide Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra as affordable streaming devices.

The Chromecast has been one of the most successful streaming devices since its launch in 2013, and is a low-cost way for people to stream content directly to TVs without having to purchase a smart TV.

Google says: More than 160 TV service providers are now using the Android TV platform in some way.


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