Google adds a new feature to help stores owned by brown skin


Google offers a new tool to help companies that have dark-skinned owners in the United States, as this feature is part of the pledge that Google CEO Sander Beach pledged to support the dark-skinned community, and once this feature is available in general it will help companies verify Of herself and distinguish her as being owned by brown skin on google search or maps.

Wasted opportunity YOU Hindi, Google provides a custom icon – a black heart with a triple-orange orange background – to tag companies owned by black skin, and that may be similar to what Google did to help identify women-led businesses on maps, but this identification process will not happen automatically and will have Owners should register their business with Google and verify it.

In June, Pechai called for an extensive silence moment for the company for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to “honor the memories of the lost blacks’ lives.” As for the period, it was deliberately kept as it was to protest against the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, and Google announced that it You will donate $ 12 million to organizations that help tackle racial discrimination.

He said, “We will grant 12 million dollars to fund organizations working to address racial inequality, and the first grants of one million dollars each will be awarded to our long-term partners in the Police Equity Center and the Equal Justice Initiative, and we will provide technical support through the Google program.

Pichai added in an open letter: “We will also provide $ 25 million in advertising grants to help organizations that fight against injustice in providing important information.” To verify business activity on Google, the owner must visit Google My Business Help And log in with your login credentials.


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