Goodbye “Internet Explorer” .. “Microsoft” turns the page of the famous browser after 25 years


Finally, Microsoft decided to stop Internet Explorer from working. The page of the famous internet browser will be folded on August 17th of next year, according to the tech giant.

In a blog published in this regard, “Microsoft” clarified that the “Microsoft Teams” application over the network will not support “Internet Explorer 11”, which is the latest and last version of the browser, as of November 30th.

The remaining applications and services of the Microsoft 365 package will also stop supporting the browser next year.

It replaces the old browser “Microsoft Edge”, the new supercomputer browser that relies on the open source “Chromium” internet browser, developed by Google for the “Google Chrome” web browser.

This gives Edge more advantages over Internet Explorer.

There is an older version of “Edge” that does not use “Chromium”, and that version will also be canceled phase by stage on March 9, 2021.

Given that many websites and applications still depend on “Internet Explorer”, “Microsoft” is trying to avoid the presence of active Internet surfers at the same time.

Using the old Internet Explorer mode in the new Microsoft Edge means that users can keep a single browser to seamlessly experience the best of the modern web on one tab while accessing the old business-critical Internet Explorer 11 app on another tab. According to the company.

The decision to put an end to “Internet Explorer” and “Microsoft” browsers that do not rely on “Chromium” has been under discussion for years. The company stopped the eighth, ninth and tenth versions of Internet Explorer in 2016, while it revealed “Microsoft Edge” one year earlier, in 2015.

In fact, the move towards relying on Chromium to launch Microsoft’s browser, compared to its previous browser, has greater implications for the future of the open internet.

As a reminder, these concerns have become more pressing in recent months due to the negative repercussions, and among other things brought about by problems between the US government and the Chinese application of TikTok.

Coromium is now the basis for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, AvastSecure Browser and Opera.

This means that Google has a significant influence in terms of features being developed, which practices are considered acceptable, and any usability concerns are critical.

But the new “Edge” browser includes a set of functions that distinguish it from other browsers such as “Google Chrome”. This includes turning on tracking protection implicitly, which blocks ads, and nearly all third-party tracking codes alike.


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