Good news to those recovering from Corona


A recent medical research revealed that people who were infected with the new Corona virus and had only mild symptoms have long-term immunity, after being fully recovered.Research on the emerging corona virus continues, and some try to answer the question of large numbers about the extent to which those recovering from Corona have long immunity.

The immunity of those recovered has sparked widespread controversy, months ago, amid calls for more room to be made for those who were injured and recovered because they became safe from infection.However, this “reassurance” is not unanimous in the medical community, because the epidemic is still new, according to researchers, and it is difficult to be certain about the immunity present in those who have recovered, and whether it will last for a long time.

The researchers stated that the antibodies present in the body of the recovering person can recognize the virus after months of recovery.

And there was talk here of only months, because the virus appeared in late 2019, less than a year, and this immunity is likely to last longer.These scientific findings would dispel previous health concerns about the possibility of some recovered people being infected again, according to “Fox News”.

Researcher specializing in immunology at the University of Washington, Marion Bieber, who is the author of one of the studies, said that those who recover from the virus have protective immunity.

The researchers confirmed that they studied the interaction of the immune system in the human body with the emerging corona virus, which causes “Covid 19” disease, and they stood on encouraging results.

And described the researcher in immunology at the University of California, Smith Ayr, these results are promising, saying that they call for optimism about herd immunity, or what is known as “herd immunity.”

The principle of “herd immunity” is to let people become infected with the virus until they transmit it to each other on a large scale, and the goal is for them to recover from it and become immune to infection so that they are not infected again.

And since the virus severely affects some groups, such as the elderly and those suffering from chronic health disorders, the owners of this theory are urged to protect the most vulnerable groups.


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