“Global Health”: Our team in China discussed with scientists from Wuhan the origin of corona



Wuhan Institute of Virology

The World Health Organization announced on Tuesday that its team in China, which is investigating the origin of the Corona virus, had “extensive discussions” with scientists in Wuhan, the city where the first outbreak was detected.

“The team held extensive discussions with its Chinese counterparts and received updates on epidemiological studies, biological and genetic analyzes, and animal health research,” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier told reporters, explaining that the talks included video interviews with scientists and virologists in Wuhan.

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WHO: Corona's largest emergency and vaccine will be historic

China closed a wildlife market in Wuhan with the outbreak beginning a day after it was discovered that some of the infected people were selling or buying from the market.

The organization says the virus probably came from the bats, and may have had another animal medium.

Scientists and governments around the world are awaiting the results of the investigation by the World Health Organization, especially Washington, which has gathered strong support for the team.

The preparatory mission, which includes two animal health experts and an epidemiologist, is tasked with preparing for the mission of a larger team of Chinese and international scientists who will seek to discover how the virus that causes Covid-19 has bypassed the barrier of strains and transmitted from animal to human.

The spokesman did not give details of the formation of the largest team or the date for sending the larger mission.

Source: “Reuters”


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