Get to know the veiled Yasmine Sabry look-alike – in pictures


The great resemblance between one of the girls and the Egyptian actressYasmine SabryComments and great interest from the pioneers of social networking sites, as the pictures of a veiled girl spread, some considered that she was similar to the famous Egyptian actress, and the followers among themselves shared photos and comments until the name of this girl was issued on a social networking site in Egypt in the past hours.
Some succeeded in reaching the account of the veiled girl, who, in turn, commented on the comparison between her and Yasmine Sabry, where she flirted with herself saying: “You are a moon and a very lily, and not Yasmine Sabry. I don’t know that Yasmine Sabry de Mine is seriously.”
Among the comments that the observers shared were: “Why is this Yasmin Sabri ?!”, “This is Yasmine Sabry’s group before you get to know Abu Hashima,” and “Yasmine Sabry Al-Ghalaba.”
On the other hand, a number of other activists circulated on these sites to comment on Sabri’s attempt to imitate Georginia, a friend of the Portuguese star.Cristiano Ronaldo​.


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