Germany: The number of workers decreased by 1.4% during the second quarter due to Corona


The Federal Bureau of Statistics announced that the Corona crisis had hit the labor market in Germany during the second quarter of this year.
According to the “German”, the office said today that the number of workers decreased by 1.4 percent compared to the corresponding quarter of last year, to reach 44.7 million people, pointing out that this is the largest decline in Germany since the reunification of the two parts of the country.
The office indicated that it was expected for this period of the year, under normal circumstances, a limited increase in the number of workers.
The office indicated that the Corona crisis also caused a decrease in the volume of work in a stronger way than the decrease in the number of workers, with employers, or who work independently, explaining that what is meant by the volume of work is the work hours that have already been achieved.
According to the calculations of the German Institute for Labor Market Research and Employment of the Federal Agency for Labor in Germany, the volume of work in particular decreased due to the intensive use of the short-hour work system by 10 percent during the second quarter of last year, to 13.3 billion hours, compared to the same period last year.


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