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Riyadh 04 Muharram 1442 AH corresponding to August 23, 2020 AD SPA
Today’s most prominent newspaper headlines:
Crown Prince directs to organize camel races.
Muharram 11 .. Return of employees.
The Arab League: Peace is achieved when the Palestinians gain their freedom and independence.
Kingdom .. Stances and support.
The Saudi project “Masam” fights the Houthi mines of death.
Health: (59120) new laboratory tests were conducted.
Improving the university student’s quality of life.
The Kingdom is witnessing the first laparoscopic Whipple operation.
Destruction of a booby-trapped plane and a Houthi missile.
Three citizens were arrested for being involved in robbing a Etisalat store.
The “torrential” course turns into a swimming area, despite the danger of the site.
340,000 square meters of encroachment was monitored in the city.
Al-Qatif municipality warns of scrap sites in Safwa.
The bombing of Gaza continues … and a new plan to annex the West Bank lands.
Libyans have high hopes after the ceasefire was announced.
Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington .. Will it uproot the Iranian incursion from Baghdad?
Waves of assassinations and acts of violence alarm bells in Iraq.
The American elections … kill the isolation of Corona and revive party alliances.
Spain is a new epicenter for “Covid-19”.
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