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Wednesday 22/12/1441 AH corresponding to 08/12/2020 AD, SPA

Al-Youm newspaper affirmed in its editorial entitled (Fighting Corruption … and the Vision of the Nation): The Kingdom’s efforts under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. God », in the fight against corruption continues to ensure that we eradicate it in all its forms and levels, whatever the meaning.
She added: What a responsible source in the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority stated that the commission has initiated 218 criminal cases during the last period, and the details of some of the most prominent cases dealt with include the suspension of a businessman in the Eastern Province and (10) citizens, including a member of the Council. Current Shura
It showed: A former judge, a current notary, and a former bank employee as well as a former district police director and a former customs director for an airport and a number of retired officers (who were not arrested due to their health conditions) for the businessman’s involvement in paying financial and in-kind bribes during their work period of more than twenty million riyals, as well as his involvement in cases Money laundering and fraud, represented by raising the value of his real estate inside the Kingdom to more than one billion riyals in order to inflate his wealth by conducting fake sales operations with huge amounts of cash, using the above-mentioned Shura Council member (before joining the Shura Council), and a number of his companies’ employees and obtaining On facilities and loans from banks inside and outside the Kingdom in an irregular manner, in the names of his companies and entities belonging to his employees with huge sums of money, as well as the suspension of the director of a port and a number of working employees, including the director of public relations and the director of projects management and two in the maintenance department for breaching their job duties, And the exploitation of their functional influence to achieve personal interests, illicit financial gain, and money laundering by obtaining projects in the port using commercial entities whose owners were arrested, in addition to a case in cooperation with the Ministry The Interior Ministry arrested a commander of one of the security sectors with the rank of a brigade, four officers from his subordinates and the financial representative of the Ministry of Finance, for the aforementioned brigade falsified one of the records for the supply of vehicles for the Hajj mission in 1441 AH by signing instead of two members of the committee formed for this without their knowledge, resulting in the amendment of the supply order from 17) (vehicle to) 7) luxury vehicles and vehicles used by the first in person, as well as the dispensation of one million seven hundred thousand liters of petrol to a company in an irregular manner.
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