Gattuso: I will only be able to stop Messi in my dreams and when I play with my two PlayStation sons


Italian coach Gennaro Gattuso, Napoli coach, confirmed the value of Barcelona international Lionel Messi before the two teams faced the Champions League matches.

Barcelona club will host their club, Napoli, next Saturday, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 for the current season 2019/2020.

Gattuso revealed the value of Messi in a statement quoted by the Spanish newspaper “AS” about the possibility of monitoring and stopping Argentine flea in the next match.

The Italian coach parodied in response to the possibility of monitoring Messi during the next match, saying, “I can only monitor Messi in my dreams.”

Gattuso continued his statements about stopping Messi: “I played two sons of the Playstation match, chose Napoli against Barcelona and tried to stop him with this confrontation.”

“I also tried to stop Messi while I was a Milan player when I was 10 or 15 kg less than now,” he added.

Gattuso turned to talk about Lorenzo Encini’s readiness for the next match and said: “Encini spoke to the doctor, and we will assess the matter within the next 48 hours after getting the results of the tests, the injury is not serious, I think.”

It is reported that Barcelona had tied with Napoli with a goal for each team in the first leg in Naples, and the Italian team needs to win a second leg or a score greater than one goal for each team to qualify for the next round.


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