Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the latest smartphone to undergo hardness testing


As you all probably know, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra earlier this month, and it is now already available for pre-order in some countries. If you are hesitant about purchasing one of these two phones, the phone may have undergone hardness tests Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It will make your decision easier. In fact, JerryRigEverything’s popular YouTuber Zack Nelson subdued the phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra For many durability tests.

In the curvature test it turned out to be a phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It offers outstanding performance as it resists bends beautifully. This means that the device is very durable, but the same cannot be said about scratch resistance.

In a scratch test, it was found that the screen of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phoneGalaxy Note 20 Ultra Scratched on the sixth level of the Mohs scale, and this is perfectly fine because it means that the screen of this phone will not be scratched in case it is with coins and keys in the user’s pocket.

the phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It comes, unlike the regular Galaxy Note 20, with a plastic back and a metal frame, which makes it easy to scratch. The buttons on the side are also easy to scratch and are easily damaged compared to most smartphones available on the market today.

After that, the phone screen was subdued Galaxy Note 20 Ultra To test the burn, the screen took about 23 seconds for the pixels to turn black. Unfortunately, these pixels do not return to their original color after a while. Generally, you can see the phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It undergoes all of these durability tests in the video below:

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