Fulham maintains its stars


Fulham manager Tony Khan said the team has a squad that can withstand in the Premier League and will not need to spend lavishly on the transfer window to be competitive. Fulham fell to the second division at the end of the 2018-2019 season despite spending 100 million pounds ($ 130.85 million) to buy players.The club quickly qualified to the Premier League, and Khan said the huge spending in the summer of 2018 had laid the foundations for a return trip to the spotlight. In an interview with The Times, he added, “The huge investment was a big reason in qualifying for the Premier League. We spent for the future and I am very happy with the players we signed in 2018 ». “I feel better at the club and we do not need to rebuild again and I expect to keep a very similar squad that led us to rise.” We will never spend £ 100m again and I don’t think we need to. The best players that we have contracted will continue with us. ”
Coach Scott Parker said there would be no comprehensive changes to the squad that booked the Premier League qualification ticket.

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