Freedom Day … Thousands of demonstrators in Germany announce the end of the Corona virus, in violation of the authorities


Russia Today channel reported that thousands of German citizens gathered in Berlin to protest against the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of a virus Sk.

The protesters, with only a few wearing masks, staged a protest march under the slogan “End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day” that crossed the city center from the Brandenburg Gate.

The protesters, who were estimated by the police to number 15,000 people, were carrying banners and chanting slogans describing the Corona virus as a “false alarm”, denouncing the mandatory wearing of muzzles and opposing vaccination campaigns.

The protesters accused the government of “stealing their freedom”, calling for “an end to terror because of Corona and the restoration of basic rights of people.”

For its part, the police used loudspeakers to remind the demonstrators of the need to adhere to social distance and to wear masks.

And the German government achieved relatively success in its battle against the coronavirus, and has recorded 211,000 confirmed cases in the country to date, including 9,224 deaths.

As of late April, the German government began easing restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, but keeping hygienic spacing measures, including the mandatory wearing of medical sleeves in public transportation and shops.

The German local authorities recently warned of the danger of not complying with health directives, noting that the rate of new infections had risen recently.


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