Frankly Site – Stars Site – Carlos Azar objects to ignoring his father’s name, Joseph Azar, at “Karmalik Ya Watan” party


Lebanese actor Carlos Azar recorded his admiration for the curators of the Lebanese Army feast “Karmalik Ya Watan”, after the name of his father, the great artist Joseph Azar, was ignored in the song “Books Your Name, My Country”, performed by the artist Rami Ayash at the opening of the ceremony yesterday. (Read more Special- Karmalik Party O nation, unite the country and burden the Lebanese hearts and tear their eyes)

Carlos Azar directed a series of tweets to the director Camille Tanios who brilliantly executed the national event and wrote:To the curators of the “Karmalik Ya Watan” party, it gives you wellness for the effort..Sure we would have liked the sound engineering to be better … but it was rejected to sing “Books of your name, my country” without mentioning who carried it from the year 1974, the artist Joseph Azar, and Buram Where the world is. As mentioned by Professor Elie Choueiri, the composer and the poet, the performer also has the right to be thanked and his name mentioned, especially since the song was sung for the first time in the year 1974 in the night of Independence Day .. It is appreciated even if it is mentioned. With my love“.

We remember that Carlos Azar depicts his viewers in the series “Beirut’s Thrust” directed by Ali Al Ali, produced by Eagle Films. The work that will be shown on the MBC screen includes: Mahmoud Nasr, Carlos Azar, Noor Al-Ghandour, Muhannad Al-Hamdi, Khaled Al-Shaer, Fatima Al-Safi, Nour Al-Sheikh, Ali Kakooly, Rawan Al-Mahdi, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Asad Rashdan Anas Anas Tayara, Antoinette Akiki, Yara Qassem, Ryan Harakah and others. And others.

(Beirut Batch), written by Heba Mashari Hamadeh, tells stories and tales of young men and women of different nationalities who meet in Beirut during the 1960s to continue their studies, so we entered with them in the details of their complex and interrelated social problems.


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