“Franco Arab” with Yasmina and Elie


On August 20 this year, “Metro Madinah” (Hamra-Beirut) presents a new musical and musical performance by “Franco Arab”, which recalls the wave of songs that have appeared in Egypt and Lebanon since the beginning of the sixties and mixed Arabic works with clips from other foreign and Western tunes, including “Lolita” by Abdel Aziz Mahmoud and “Mustafa Ya Mustafa” by Muhammad Fawzi and others. Yasmina Fayed (photo) performs the task of singing alongside Elie Rizkallah, accompanied by the musicians: Diaa Hamza (keyboard and harmonica), Nidal Abi Samra (saxophone), Jacques Stephan (Kamanja), Ahmed Al-Khatib (percussion) and bouha (percussion).
* “Franco Arab”: Thursday, August 20 – nine o’clock in the evening – “Al Madina Metro” (Hamra – Beirut). For inquiries: 76/309363

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