France presented a draft resolution for the extension of UNIFIL … and intensive consultations on it


France submitted to the UN Security Council a draft resolution dealing with the extension of the international force operating in the south, “UNIFIL”, for a period of one year, without modification of the mission.
“MTV” channel reported that intensive consultations are taking place between the member states of the Council on the draft resolution, and the consultations will continue until August 28, that is, next Friday, the date for a session of the Council to issue the decision to extend the force, and in the consultations each country will present its position on the work of the force.

It is noteworthy that the mandate of the force ends on August 31, and is supposed to be extended until August 31, 2021, and there is consensus on the extension in its current form, except for the position of the United States, which demands a more comprehensive mission.


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