For these reasons, I became independent from the government


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants advanced Nassif even His resignation from the government.

He even explained the reasons that led him to resign, and said in a statement: “First, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who expressed confidence in my person for taking over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. My decision to assume this great responsibility was not an ordinary matter in the midst of a popular uprising that erupted against corruption and exploitation, and in order to build The state of social justice, while Lebanon is witnessing crises of various shapes and causes, whether at home or in the region.

He continued, “What is the most difficult choice between intrepid and reluctance to serve the homeland, even if the possibility of achieving easy progress in a system rich in fateful challenges and poor with good wills has diminished.” He carried great hopes for change and reform, but the reality aborted the fetus of hope in making promising beginnings from the womb of shocking endings. No, no, and I will not compromise my principles, my convictions, for any position or authority.

He even added, “I was raised, brought up, adored, and embraced Lebanon as a source of freedom, thought, science and culture, Lebanon is the lighthouse and paradigm, Lebanon is the home of the message and the meeting place of the East to the West.”

He said: “Lebanon today is not Lebanon that we loved and wanted a beacon and a model. Lebanon today is slipping into a failed state, God willing, and I ask myself, as many people, how much we have been lagging behind in protecting this dear country and in protecting and maintaining its societal security. In these fateful historical circumstances, and in the absence of a vision for Lebanon in which I believe in a free, independent, radiant and active homeland in its Arab environment and in the world, and in the absence of an effective will in achieving the comprehensive structural reform required by our national community and inviting us to the international community to do it, I decided to resign from my duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs And the expatriates wished the government and those in charge of the state administration success and reconsideration of many policies and practices in order to give the citizen and the country a priority over all considerations, discrepancies, divisions, and specifics.

He added that “what is required in the process of building the state are creative minds, a clear vision, sincere intentions, a culture of institutions, the rule of the rule of law, accountability and transparency.”

He added, “The reasons that prompted me to resign are what I explained, that some interpretations and analyzes as well as some simplistic, superficial interpretations were conveyed through some media outlets that only require their owners, all of which I did not stop throughout my career, as the basis remains as Minister of Foreign Affairs. On the interests of the country, to strengthen and fortify its external relations, and to sensitize the international community as well as the Arab community, with the importance of strengthening stability in Lebanon. ”

He concluded even by saying: “I participated in this government from the point of view of working with one employer called Lebanon, and I found in my country employers and contradictory interests, if they did not meet about the interest and rescue of the Lebanese people, then the boat will not allow God to drown everyone.”


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