For the first time, “WhatsApp” allows the possibility of transferring conversations from “Android” to “iPhone”


International press reports revealed that the instant messaging application “WhatsApp” will allow its users to transfer conversations for the first time from devices running the “Android” operating system to “iPhone” phones., The report published on the “Times News Now” website indicated that “WhatsApp” is currently testing a technology that can synchronize the user’s chat history between the “Android” and “iPhone” platforms.

This technology will also allow the use of the same account Watts WaterOn more than one device in different platforms at the same time, and “WhatsApp” explained that this feature is still being tested on devices running the “Android” and “iOS” operating systems, and will adopt it in the coming period..

It will also be possible to run this new feature also in conjunction with the desktop version of “WhatsApp Web”.

WhatsApp is also preparing to give users the ability to soon set a different background in chats, and the update stated “Choose separate backgrounds for light and dark modes.” Not only that, users may also get the option to adjust the brightness of their wallpaper, as the report claims.

Also, the feature of disappearing messages on WhatsApp, which was under development for a long time, may be launched under the name “Expiring Messages” will arrive soon, and once this feature is introduced, any user will be able to turn on or off the expired messages in chats, but for group conversations Only officials will have a choice.

And if at any time a media file is shared when the expired messaging feature is turned on, that file will expire from the chat as well, however, it may be saved in the sender’s and recipient’s phone according to their WhatsApp media settings, and furthermore, when users enable Expired messages feature, their previously exchanged messages will not be affected when it is disabled.


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