For the first time after her separation from her husband, Laila Iskandar talks about her son and loneliness


The news of the singer Laila Iskandar’s sudden separation from her husband, actor Yaqoub Al-Farhan, is still running on social media, especially since their relationship was appearing in the public as being solid, honest and problem-free.A large number of the pioneers of the communication websites expressed their confusion and surprise at the reasons that prompted the two-month-old to separate, stressing that Leila was very sincere in her love and attempt to integrate it with the customs and laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the place of their residence, which differs greatly from Lebanon.

After announcing the news of her separation through a post, Iskandar tried to answer some of her follow-up questions via “Snapchat”, and spoke about her son Joseph, describing him as “a moon”, and she said: “In the name of God be upon him … Eh, God is moon … a copy of his father.”She emphasized that “she is focused on raising my son and my job … I do not like crowding over the empty space … selective, I have no confidence.”

She also posted a photo showing only her son’s feet and commenting: “You are my holiday, my mother, in the name of God.”

Layla also interacted with her followers and confirmed that she is single and not surrounded by friends, saying: “Very few people can be around me in my private daily life.”


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