For more privacy … Google decides to amend this feature!


The company “Google” announced the amendment of the “automatic delete” feature so that it becomes the “default setting” for the user’s account. Thus, the operating system will automatically erase the data on the user’s activity after a certain period.
The auto delete feature will only apply to new accounts, or existing accounts that have data retention turned on.

The new automatic deletion will give Google the ability to keep your data for up to 3 years, in contrast to the manually activated auto delete settings that can be set up to 3 months.
Google also announced that the user will be able to access the privacy and security settings through its search page soon, and he will also be able to switch to the incognito mode in the Chrome browser more easily, by pressing down on the profile picture for a second or two.

Incognito mode allows browsing the Internet “privately”, which means that Google Chrome will not save your history or cookies on your computer, but this does not mean that the websites you visit or the server you use cannot see what you are doing.
Google’s move comes just two days after rival Apple announced some new privacy features for its programs.
And if you have a Google account and use its products, such as Gmail, YouTube or Chrome, you will likely be logged in all the time.
In this case, your activity while using these applications and services can be tracked by Google, who will then use this data to target ads to you, among other things.
Google has introduced controls over the privacy of users’ data over the years, and has made efforts to make these features more visible to them.
You can find most of these privacy controls in your account settings, by clicking on “Manage your data and personalization,” then “Manage your activity controls,” which is the section where you can save web and app activity, website history, and YouTube history, if you want to use Google This data is to give you what it calls a “more personalized experience” for you, or you can just ask Google not to save anything and get an impersonal experience, but it will be more secure on your data and more private.


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