For fear of “Corona” … the closure of a village for retirees in New Zealand


New Zealand media reported today (Tuesday) that a health lockdown has been imposed on a village for retirees in the country, with a number of its residents having flu-like symptoms, according to German News Agency.

The New Zealand Herald and the NewsHub news service reported that the Village Palms village in Christchurch, South Island, informed families by letter that eight of its residents were suffering from these symptoms.

“It is a normal procedure for the District Health Council and Public Health to be notified, if more than three residents show signs of respiratory disease or any disease, really,” the newspaper quoted spokesman John Amisbury. “There is nothing to suggest anything other than regular flu,” he added. The “NewsHub” service stated that swabs had been sent to health officials to be tested to ensure that they were not “Covid-19”.

And the Ministry of Health announced today, that New Zealand recorded 102 days without known cases of “Covid-19” infection in the community. There are 22 active cases of “Covid-19” in the country, all of them in isolation or quarantine facilities.

New Zealand had recorded 1570 confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus, along with 22 deaths.

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