FilGoal | News | The Bayern legend: Messi faces “the best” Lewandowski


Luther Matthews, a legend of Germany and Bayern Munich, believes that Robert Lewandowski has become the successor to Leo Messi in terms of preference on the level of world players.

Bayern Munich clash with Barcelona next Friday night in Lisbon, the Champions League quarter-finals.

Matthews stated: “Messi faces his successor as the best player in the world: Robert Lewandowski.”

He added via the German newspaper “Bild”: “Lewandowski is the best player, not just the best striker.”

He concluded: “Barcelona today is no longer the same as it was before. They have Messi of course, a player capable of making brilliant things, but he will not be able alone to defeat Bayern Munich.”

Lewandowski is the top scorer in the Champions League this season with 13 goals.

Bayern overcame Chelsea 7-1 in the aggregate of the two round eight-final matches, while Barcelona overcame Italian team Napoli 4-1 in the aggregate of the two matches.

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