Facebook enters the world of music videos


Facebook has finally entered the scene of copyrighted music records, similar to what Google’s YouTube does. A service that can be viewed directly on the popular social media site without the need to switch to YouTube, which accounts for the largest portion of these works. This service is currently operating in the United States, and the Blue website has partnered with international companies in the field of music, such as “Sony”, “Universal”, “Warner” and “BMG”, provided that some of the music content is broadcast for the first time, and exclusively. For artists like c. Balvin, Carol G, Sebastian Yatra, Alejandro Fernandez and Calipri 50. “We have worked with partners in India and Thailand to lay the foundations for a music video experience on Facebook,” explained Tamara Hrivnak, in a statement. The music videos have contributed greatly to the growth of YouTube, and it is known to attract more than two billion users per month. Domestic quarantine measures during the Corona pandemic have resulted in a significant increase in the rates of use of digital platforms, especially entertainment ones, including soap operas and music through video games. Users will also be able to interact with the videos by liking, commenting or sharing like all other posts. Also, the new service includes address-specific playlists, such as those for streaming services, including Spotify and Deezer.


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