Emirates News Agency – Cooperation between “Securities and Commodities” and “Education” to educate school students about the principles of investment


DUBAI, August 24, WAM – The Securities and Commodities Authority participated in the summer student enrichment program organized by the Ministry of Education by presenting lectures and workshops using remote communication technologies to a large number of school students / cycle three / males and females ages from 14 to 17 years, with the aim of Spreading financial culture among school students in a way that leads to the upbringing of a conscious generation in the field of sound financial planning, enhances awareness levels among future youth, and directs them to save and invest in a correct manner.

The presented lectures and workshops dealt with various topics including personal financial planning, savings and modern technology and their uses in financing, establishing modern projects and entrepreneurship, an introductory overview of financial markets, financial regulation, the authority and its supervisory role, the difference between the authority and the financial markets in the country, an introduction to capital markets and how to establish and contribute to companies. .

The Authority’s participation comes within the efforts of the Authority’s Awareness and Financial Inclusion Department in promoting investment awareness among the various segments of society and within the framework of the National Project for Investment Awareness and Financial Inclusion.

The scientific and technical material for the event from the Authority was presented by Khalid Al-Obaidli, Head of the Capital Markets Brokers Department, Asma Khamis Al Manea, Head of Corporate Finance Department, Suha Rajab, a financial markets expert, and Abdullah Al Ali, assistant financial analyst.

Al-Obaidli presented in his lecture personal financial planning and savings and their close association with the stability of the personal status of individuals and families and the importance of consolidating financial planning and saving in the minds of young people in the pre-university stages of education and other topics that were discussed are the definition of personal financial planning by offering a number of examples and steps to implement the financial plan And clarify the difference between the terms saving and investment, and finally an introduction to the concept of investment portfolios in proportion to the age of the participants in the event.

For its part, the names of Al-Mane ‘displayed the types of companies, and the public shareholding company was defined as a company to be formed according to the law with a capital divided into equal parts, each part of which is called a share to subscribe to without the need for personal confidence among the subscribers to do some purpose or specific purposes in order to obtain profit Which is distributed among the shareholders and its types … it is clear that the most important advantages of the public joint-stock company, the most important conditions for its formation, its main characteristics and the reasons for its formation.

Suha Ragab gave two lectures, the first of which was about the basics of investing in the capital markets, with the aim of introducing students to the concept of capital markets and their role in the national economy and the tools and main participants in them. The role of capital markets in terms of providing appropriate financing for governments and companies to expand their activities and thus the markets provide multiple benefits. For productive projects, direct the savings of individuals.

She pointed out that the most important innovations in the financial industry are developments in financial technology, “Fintech” and that it is being used to help companies and institutions develop their operations, services and products. The lecture presented different ranges and uses of financial technology and listed its various benefits such as saving time and money, developing the efficiency of the financial sector as a whole and increasing financial inclusion in society. And poor countries discussed the risks of technological innovations, the most important of which are the regulatory, legal and operational risks of institutions that adopt this technology, and the risks of cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.

Abdullah Al Ali gave an introductory overview about the authority in terms of its establishment, the law under which it operates, its supervisory role, the values ​​and principles it follows, and the Authority’s partners, including the financial markets that are subject to the Authority’s supervision and other financial market institutions.

WAM / Mubarak Khamis / Reda Abdel Nour


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