Electric bikes invade New York in the time of Corona


Led New Corona Virus And what it contains Rules For social spacing, To many abstain from using Transportation The usual, although the number of passengers in some of them is much less than usual. In this context, alternative, individual means are strongly visible on the ground. While bicycles are a preferred medium for many, especially in small and quiet neighborhoods and narrow streets, longer distances, especially in cities, require more capacity, such as large and small motorcycles, and scooters operating on fuel, in addition to Bikes Electric scooters are on the rise recently.
In New York, the boom in food delivery services and the fear of public transportation due to Corona has reflected a rapid growth in the scooter market, albeit recently receiving a painful blow for public safety reasons.

Demand for electric scooters increased three times compared to July 2019 at Unique Moto in Long Island City in New York, confirms general manager Chris Benson, who sells his store about twenty scooters per week. After the activity stopped during the stone period, the store is now crowded with those wishing to choose bikes from the manufacture of the Taiwanese companies “Sim” and “Kimco”, to the extent that the store’s stock is barely sufficient to meet the demand.
In Brooklyn, the official agent for the famous Italian “Vespa” bikes is recording a similar pace in sales that exceeded 200 vehicles during the past three months, according to store official Andrew Haji Mas. Chris Benson explains that the first people interested in buying scooters were workers in the catering sector, especially delivery services, in light of the huge boom in this activity. With the approaching summer and the lifting of stone measures, a second wave of “people who see these bikes as a way to escape while avoiding mixing” was recorded to avoid being infected with the new Corona virus, says Benson, who launched his job three years ago with friends.
“I decided to use these scooters months ago during this crazy period,” says Alan Talidia, who bought a Vespa scooter. An insurance company employee explains that driving a scooter bike in New York, the city in which cars dominate the scene, “is a difficult task, but if you are a New Yorker you will dare to do so.” “I would rather be on a scooter than on a bus with large crowds,” he says.
In turn, Benson notes that “the boom is due in large part to the epidemic,” noting that some of his clients told him that their fear of using public transportation prompted them to buy a scooter, according to Agence France-Presse.
This trend is not confined to New York, according to Andrew Haji Maas, who notes that “activity is rising rapidly everywhere, especially in major cities around the world.” “If you go to Europe or Asia, you will see everyone riding these bikes,” he explains. “I think this culture can be moved to major American cities because of the practicality” of scooters.
Motivating the largest number of people to use this mode of transportation was one of the most important goals of the Revell network for rental electric scooters launched by two American investors in Brooklyn in 2018. The network fleet is made up of three thousand blue bikes, and residents have accepted them. New York has been heavily since the city was gradually reopened. After the average daily flights over the network were more than four thousand before the quarantine measures, Revel’s activity increased to nearly 18,000 daily flights during the last two weeks of last June.

On the other hand, voices have recently risen to protest that many users do not respect traffic laws and safety rules, despite the fact that a person wanting to rent these bikes must have a driver’s license. Rival interacted with this wave by suspending the membership of more than two thousand users out of about 300 thousand members of the service in New York, one of the most prominent American cities where the company services are available in addition to Washington, Austin and Oakland, pending its return in Miami, where it stopped because of the epidemic, and before Its upcoming launch in San Francisco. However, two major incidents that left victims within ten days led the company, under pressure from the New York Municipality, to suspend its activities in the city until further notice. Rifle notes that it is preparing new measures to “encourage caution”, including especially mandatory wearing of a helmet and the inclusion of a safety check in the electronic application on smartphones, according to a company spokesman.


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