Eida Al-Minhali is a lover of “longing” and complains about “the length of the stone”



Al Ain News
In a different musical style, and words that carry an idea and a new topic on the artistic scene, “Voice of the Emirates” artist Aida Al-Minhali released from his melodies and sang a new song entitled Al-Shuq (Al-Hajar), achieving more than a million views during the first hours after it was shown on his official YouTube channel, cooperating It was with the poet Ahmed Al-Masry.

He says in the beginning:

Longing, longing, longing, longing


My love is on the stone, but it is a collar

People want her with rage

In stone be the soul suffocated

And his nights are blackened

Al-Minhali affirmed that he is happy with the new idea that links love, longing and the distress of stone that the globe is experiencing these days, explaining that he is encouraged to record it and put it up quickly because it includes a distinct spirit in the word and melody, as he recorded the song in the Al-Watan studio in Dubai, after he distributed the song. Distributor Maytham Alaa El-Din, once again his cooperation and confidence with sound engineer Majid Saleh in the mixing and mastering process.

“Voice of the Emirates” launched the song through its official channel on the “YouTube” site through a produced video that includes the lyrics of the song while singing, along with all the Emirati, Gulf and Arab radio stations, and all libraries and electronic music platforms specialized in viewing and listening to songs.


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