Egyptian actress Shwikar dies after a struggle with illness


Egyptian actress Shweikar passed away at the age of 85, after a struggle with illness.

The Theatrical Professions Syndicate mourned on its Facebook page the Egyptian artist, saying: “For God to survive … the Theatrical Professions Syndicate mourns the death of the great artist Shweikar .. May God have mercy on the deceased and inspired her family and her fans patience and solace.”

A number of Egyptian artists also mourned Shwikar through several tweets on social networking sites.

The Egyptian artist was born to an Egyptian father of Turkish descent and a Circassian mother, in the northern Egyptian governorate of Alexandria in 1938.

She participated in dozens of comedic artworks, whether cinematic films or plays with her late husband, artist Fouad Al-Muhandis, and a comedic duo that enriched the art scene in Egypt and the Arab region with dozens of works that still remain until now.

“CNN Arabic”


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