Egypt – Your iPhone turns soon into an ATM machine … I know how


(MENAFN – Youm7) Bloomberg Agency revealed that Apple acquired a startup that develops technology that can convert iPhone devices to mobile payment terminals, where Apple acquired Mobeewave, which is based in Montreal and develops technology that requires only an NFC chip to work, allowing users Click either their smartphone or credit card on another phone to make the payment.

According to the American website, The Verge, NFC chipsets have been included in iPhone devices since iPhone 6, and while Apple Pay allows shoppers to press their iPhone to pay in the retail store, adding Mobeewave can allow any iPhone to accept payments without additional devices Like a card reader.

According to Bloomberg, Apple paid about $ 100 million to Mobeewave, retained its team of employees, and neither company commented on the deal, and on the other hand, Samsung, the rival of phones, partnered with Mobeewave last year in a POS pilot program in Canada, as Bloomberg notes. , The Samsung Ventures division is an Mobeewave investor.

Apple has acquired many other startups this year so far, including the popular weather app Dark Sky in March, and it appears that it is integrating the features of Dark Sky in the original weather app in iOS 14 and closed the Android version of the Dark Sky app as of August 1, Apple also confirmed in May that it had purchased the NextVR broadcast company.



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